Hack targets Van der Knaap Group

Yayın tarihi: 17-12-2023

During the night from Friday 15 December to Saturday 16 December Van der Knaap Group have been hit by a serious hack. At this moment it is unclear what the overall consequences of this attack are. You will understand that we and our IT partners are working towards a solution.

We ask our customers and other business relations to pay extra attention to e-mails that seem to be from one of our accounts. We do not send e-mails with links requesting information about bank accounts or to check and change such data. We advise you to remove these e-mails.

We can assure customers of Van der Knaap Group (this also applies to our subsidiaries Holland Potgrond, Van der Knaap-Braam and Forteco) that production and deliveries are not affected.

Please phone us for any questions you might have. We can be reached at our regular phone numbers. We will also keep you posted with more information and updates on our social media accounts.


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